Sunday, March 8, 2009

My, How Fast They Grow

Well, Jeff has decided that it's finally time for me to contribute to making new posts on our blog. I am far from being computer literate, so this is a big step for me. I'm determined, however, to update our blog regularly, since I love reading everyone elses blogs and get excited when there are new posts. I feel as though we lead somewhat of a boring life, and I don't feel as though we do anything worth writing about, but I can at least use the updates to show off our little cutie, who I just constantly want to squeeze!

Here are a few tidbits of our life and our little Eva for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Over the past month we have been blessed by having family come out to Colorado to visit. Jeff's sister and her family came out around the midde of February, and then a couple of weeks after that his brother's family came to visit. I love to spend time with the fam, and since it's just Eva and I most of the time during the day it's especially nice to have more activity and noise for a change of pace. Although it takes her a little bit to get warmed up to unfamiliar faces, Eva really enjoyed playing with her cousins and aunts and uncles as well.

Eva playing with cousin, Sophie.

Eva chilling with cousins Nellie and Gracie.

We have found that it's like pulling teeth trying to get Eva to drink her bottle, however, she loves solid foods. So far, she has liked everything we have given her to eat. We have even given her food that is on our plate because she will just sit there and stare, druel and whine until we give her whatever we are eating. Things included are fries, chicken, and banana bread. She even enjoys all of her pureed baby foods of all kinds; veggies, fruits and meats alike. The latest I had her try was pureed beef. To me it looked and smelled like cat food, but she loved it. We can only hope that doesn't change.
Here she is enjoying her green beans.

Eva is a non-stop busy body. The only time she is calm and relaxed is when she is sleeping. She is constantly trying to climb on everything...

Squirm, roll, and the beginning phase of crawl....

And suck on anything and everything she can find to put in her mouth.

...again with the sucking.

Although she leaves me completely exhausted by the end of the day, I am so grateful she is a part of our family and I love her to pieces.


John and Laura Hall said...

Audra! I loved the update, loved the pictures, and all of it! Lets make that a habit. She just gets cuter and cuter every day. I cant believe it.

Sarah Jayne said...

Man, she's so cute!!! You're life might seem boring to you but I love hearing about it!!

Wendy Hadley said...

She definitely looks squeezble! She is just so flippin' cute!

severts5 said...

You can tell she's going to have some rock-hard abs from that last picture. She is pretty dang cute, just as long as she doesn't ever try to grow out her moustache like her old man!