Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly girl

Ever since Eva started walking, she has loved to climb on anything and everything. A few months ago we bought a new DVD player and we set the old one aside on the floor while we set up the new one. Eva immediately became attached, constantly stepping up and down on it. We meant to take it to the thrift store but never got around to it. It has since become a permanent fixture in our living room. Most of the time when she is in there she is on her DVD player. She sits on it when she colors, snacks, and plays with toys. She also loves swiping things out of the fridge and taking them directly to her DVD player to play with. Thank goodness she has yet to learn how to open the syrup jar. I thought I'd take a picture. Silly girl.


We've done some fun things since my last post, so I thought i'd do a quick run down of our latest adventures. First of all, Jeff and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Crazy how time flies by when you're having fun! Thanks to both of our parents, we were able to spend the weekend at the beautiful Estes Park. We stayed in my parents time share while Jeff's parents willingly cared for our little fiesty Eva. We were able to take in the fantastic scenery, shop, bowl, go to a movie, eat fantastic food, and best of all... hang out and relax. Here are a few pics of the trip.

Delicious BBQ
The pro bowler
A few weeks ago it was around 70 degrees outside, so Eva and I took full advantage of what would most likely be the last warm day of the year. Oh, how i'm tired of the cold weather already...please be spring soon. Our day at the park....

Man she is cute if I do say so myself!