Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Name Game

At this moment we're still without a name for the baby who could be arriving at any moment. I thought I'd get the opinion of a true authority on the matter.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Virus...

There's a good reason this post doesn't have pictures.

Last week was my spring break, which meant project week. I was able to get a surprisingly good amount of things done the first couple days - making our back yard rabbit-proof for our upcoming garden experiment, putting shelves in the garage, shampoo the carpets, and Audra got a good amount of "deep cleaning" done as well.

During this time, Eva had been terribly whiny, much more so than her normal whiny self. Monday afternoon I found out why when she threw up 18 gallons of stuff all over herself, her car seat, and my truck seats. Audra was working so I was left to handle it myself. I told her to calm down as I raced home. The poor little thing was just kind of gasping and holding perfectly still with her arms out in front of her. She was absolutely soaked from head to toe with a week's worth of meals. She threw up several more times the next couple days, usually in her bed in the middle of the night.

Just when we thought all was well, I awoke with that terrible feeling around 2 am early Thursday morning and decided that my body didn't need the dinner I had eaten several hours earlier. My 10+ year long streak of no vomiting had abruptly come to an end. I topped that off with several more episodes throughout the night and the next day.

But wait, there's more. Audra decided to get in on the action Sunday morning while we were visiting my folks in Fort Collins. Thankfully, hers was a bit more minor and she was good to go the next day.

Bottom line, being sick sucks. I would have taken pictures for your enjoyment, but I was busy blowing chunks.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Belly

Here's the latest shot of Audra's belly. I originally thought of using the word "girth", but it didn't sound very attractive and she'd probably divorce me if I referred to her that way. So I came up with some other words like "spread", or "circumference", or "perimeter" but none of that sounds much better.

Anyway, the nameless baby is due exactly 32 days from today. I don't know how far along that makes Audra. I stink at math. The prognosticators and soothsayers (doctors) agree with my conclusion that we won't make it to the due date. Eva was 8 days early.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Back...

Due to overwhelming demand, our blog is back up and running. Actually, I haven't had a single request, but for the good of our little family I vow to keep it at least somewhat up-to-date. After all, what kind of young Mormon family would we be if we didn't have a blog?

So much has happened in our lives that it'd be too hard to post it all. So, I'll keep this post short and sweet; just mentioning the more significant happenings.

First, we are expecting our second child, boy (YES!), towards the middle of April. I can't believe how fast the pregnancy has gone by. I haven't even gained much weight and I've been pretty comfortable. Audra's doing pretty well too. Our predicament is this: we don't know what to name the little dude. Our initial thought was "Charlie" (Charles) after my grandpa. We still like that name, but Audra hasn't fallen in love with anything yet. It's totally up in the air at this point. She quickly shot down my request to name him Jimmer (I'm still gonna call him that), so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Some other potential posts for the near future:
  • Eva is in gymnastics. I may or may not post a short video of her work.
  • We have a woodpecker in our attic that I'll be taking care of during my spring break. Could get interesting.
  • I'm starting to see patients at school. Poor souls.
I'm pretty sure that no one reads this as we haven't had an update since August. No one read it then either. But if you happen to be reading this, leave a comment. Then I'll know that you're a faithful and true servant...I mean follower.

Until our next post, enjoy this family picture taken around Halloween of last year.