Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's been much too long since my last post, so there's lots to catch up on. First, the biggest change that happend this summer so far is we moved from our apartment into a cute little house in a much better area of town. We love it here, and especially love having a backyard for Eva to play in and a garage. Oh, how nice it is to have a garage.

You'd think by the view from our backyard that we moved to Kansas.

Eva can also cruise easily on her bikes in the driveway as opposed to playing in a parking lot at our old complex.

The second big event this summer was Eva's 2nd birthday! We filled the whole day with fun activities and we all had a blast!
After Eva woke up in the morning, Jeff put together Eva's birthday present and surprised her with it. She loved it!

We then took her to the reservior that's only about 4 miles from our house and we all had fun swimming and playing at the park.

After she woke up from her nap, she went on a sugar high with the cupcakes that we got for her.

For dinner, we went to chick-fil-A where she got to eat her chicken and fries and play in the kids play area.

From there we went straight to the county fair where she pet the dirty farm animals....
rode a horse....

and got her face painted. I think she had a fun day.

Just riding my new scooter! ( a birthday present from our neighbor)

About a week later, we had another celebration for her birthday because my mom and brother were going to be in town.

She got a snazzy wagon from her Grandpa and Mimi.

My attempt at a monkey birthday cake.

Opening presents with Uncle Jason.