Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly girl

Ever since Eva started walking, she has loved to climb on anything and everything. A few months ago we bought a new DVD player and we set the old one aside on the floor while we set up the new one. Eva immediately became attached, constantly stepping up and down on it. We meant to take it to the thrift store but never got around to it. It has since become a permanent fixture in our living room. Most of the time when she is in there she is on her DVD player. She sits on it when she colors, snacks, and plays with toys. She also loves swiping things out of the fridge and taking them directly to her DVD player to play with. Thank goodness she has yet to learn how to open the syrup jar. I thought I'd take a picture. Silly girl.


We've done some fun things since my last post, so I thought i'd do a quick run down of our latest adventures. First of all, Jeff and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Crazy how time flies by when you're having fun! Thanks to both of our parents, we were able to spend the weekend at the beautiful Estes Park. We stayed in my parents time share while Jeff's parents willingly cared for our little fiesty Eva. We were able to take in the fantastic scenery, shop, bowl, go to a movie, eat fantastic food, and best of all... hang out and relax. Here are a few pics of the trip.

Delicious BBQ
The pro bowler
A few weeks ago it was around 70 degrees outside, so Eva and I took full advantage of what would most likely be the last warm day of the year. Oh, how i'm tired of the cold weather already...please be spring soon. Our day at the park....

Man she is cute if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Little Flower Girl

Eva was the cutest flower for Halloween this year. She didn't get to wear her costume for very long though because we showed up late to the trunk-or-treat, right when everyone was packing up and leaving, but at least we got some fun pictures.

She didn't want anything to do with the hat at first, but she got used to it.

Family Pictures

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Follow the link to a little video from the Green Family.

Monster Mash-Up

Sunday, September 20, 2009


As usual, it's been awhile since we've posted anything to the blog. Not to mention, the previous two posts had nothing to do with Eva, which I hear is a cardinal sin in family blogging. Forgive me for hogging the blog space for my own adventures. By the way, I'll soon post about another testosterone packed outing.

It is now late September and we've been in Denver for 2 months. We regretfully had to leave my folks' house in Fort Collins so that I can attend dental school here.

As you can see, I'm the only professional looking one in this picture. These other two guys will clearly never make it through school. Slackers.

Alright, here are the promised pictures of Eva.

All she needs in this picture is a pipe and the look would be complete.

Classic hair and mesmerizing blue eyes.

Who doesn't love racing in the laundry basket?

Eva and Daddy at the zoo. I think we're looking at a pooping goat.

The carousel, which Eva loved. Apparently we weren't as prepared to go to the zoo as the two other girls in the picture. Audra is to blame for that. I did, however, wear my leopard print briefs, but we won't show that.

More hair and eyes. She uses those eyes to hypnotize you and make you feed her pretzels and popcorn.

Audra and Eva on a stroll through the forest in Utah. They look pretty happy, probably because Dad wasn't there.

Eva loves her sunglasses. Even though she looks a little malnourished, I can assure you that she is perfectly healthy. She just doesn't eat. Sometimes I wish we could just hook her up to an IV and pump some calories into her. Oh well.

More updates to follow...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Testosterone Festival 2009

Being the proud Coloradoan that I am, I wanted to take the Ervin boys (my in-laws) on a little trip to get lost in the wilderness. So Darryll, Tristen, and Adam drove out from Utah and Jason flew out from Atlanta to take in the sights. Dad Green also graced us with his presence.

Our destination was Lake Constantine in the Holy Cross Wilderness area just south of Vail. During our trip we planned on hiking to the summit of Mt. of the Holy Cross, one of Colorado's many peaks over 14,000 ft. However, from the get go we realized that probably wasn't going to happen. The second we got out of the car in the parking lot it started to hail on us. Turns out, that would be the theme for the remainder of the trip.

The hail and rain let up and we decided to give it a go. Here we are at the trail head.

Tristen had seen better days.

The lone Green boys on the trip. As usual we realized that we packed way too much. Our packs were heavy. Better safe than sorry I guess.

A day hike to the Tuhare Lakes. This is the upper of the two lakes.

The waterfall from Upper Tuhare Lake to Lower Tuhare. Very impressive.

This was our viewing rock. We had a spectacular view of the lake and all the hikers passed us by without knowing we were there.

Funny thing when you try to fish tiny little streams, you get a lot of snags. Sometimes when you yank on your fishing line to release a snag, the lure frees itself and comes flying back at you at the speed of light. Apparently my reflexes aren't fast enough, as this lure caught me in the cheek. Fun stuff.

A magnificent view of the Gore Range from our campsite.

We all caught many fish. Naturally, I caught the most.

Dad was the king of the waterfall.

Our state flower, the Columbine.

The marmot is not our state animal, but they were plentiful. One of these guys attacked Jason's fishing pole while he wasn't around and ate the cork on the handle. I doubt these guys have seen that many people, but they were quite brave. We had to shoo them away from our bags several times on our day hike to the upper lakes.

The trip was fun and very wet. It rained several times a day and every night. Of course there wasn't a cloud in the sky while we hiked down.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Purple Mountain Majesty

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of hiking my first Colorado 14er. I know I know, it's been hard to call myself a true Coloradoan having never hit one of our 56 peaks that reach 14,000 feet. Anyway, I picked a good one to start off on. This is Longs Peak up in Rocky Mountain National Park just a short drive from my parents' home in Fort Collins. The summit is 14,255 feet and it's a long hike to the top, over 8 miles each way. I've posted a bunch of pictures of my experience.

This is Longs from the road that leads up to the trailhead. It's a pretty spectacular mountain.

This is my friend James. We went to school together at CSU and he's summitted Longs several times so he knew what to do. Here we are in the parking lot at 4 am. We had to leave Fort Collins just after 2 am to put us there on time. Leaving early ensures that you'll be back down the mountain before the afternoon thunderstorms. Not a good place to get caught in nasty weather.

This was the sunrise from the mountain. We had just gotten above the tree line.

About half way up at around 6 am. That's a 2,000 foot sheer cliff on the east face of Longs. Some people use that rout to the summit. No thanks.

Break time before we cross the boulder field and start the real work. We're about 6 miles up at this point.

After crossing the giant boulder field, we had to climb up to that opening which is called the keyhole. It's a lot bigger than it looks. You can see some little people there in the keyhole, and a little stone shelter to the left of it.

At the keyhole.

This little shelter was built as a memorial for someone that died from exposure on the way down during a winter climb back in 1925.

After passing through the keyhole, you follow these little red and yellow bulls eyes painted on the rocks.

This is called the "trough" and the picture does it no justice. It is like a 60 degree incline of pure hell. You're over 13,000 feet at this point and the altitude really kills. I could go about 10 steps and I'd get so dizzy that I'd have to stop for a few deep breaths. The trough was really long. If you look hard you can see people up there to give some perspective.

A spot called "the narrows" just after the trough. Only a short steep climb called the homestretch before the summit.

The summit. The views during this entire hike were amazing and I took tons of pictures. I was in awe most of the day. Read on to see why that awe didn't last.

James packed up a glass bottle of Coke to celebrate the summit.

Here I am sharing lunch with one of the locals on the summit. That marmot practically ate from my hand.

This is my favorite picture of the trip. I'm sitting on a ledge there pondering the eternities. I had good reason to ponder too. Just as we left the summit, we came upon a group that we had passed just before we reached the top. They were on their way down. A 62 year old man was there hiking with his daughter. Shortly after we passed him he had a heart attack and died. As we came down, his body was there covered with jackets and his daughter was on a rock crying. James and I quietly passed and overheard a ranger that was there tell the girl that she needed to head back down the mountain and her father would be air-lifted out.

When James and I reached the shelter at the keyhole, the girl caught up to us with the person that was escorting her down. She asked to use a phone and another guy there obliged. As James and I rested and shed our jackets we listened as she called her mom and told her what had happened. I had to fight the tears and I felt so terrible for that girl. The rest of the hike back to the car was quiet and somber.

All in all, this hike was quite the experience, but I can't wait to do it again.