Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Belly

Here's the latest shot of Audra's belly. I originally thought of using the word "girth", but it didn't sound very attractive and she'd probably divorce me if I referred to her that way. So I came up with some other words like "spread", or "circumference", or "perimeter" but none of that sounds much better.

Anyway, the nameless baby is due exactly 32 days from today. I don't know how far along that makes Audra. I stink at math. The prognosticators and soothsayers (doctors) agree with my conclusion that we won't make it to the due date. Eva was 8 days early.


Laura Hall said...

For cute. I cant wait to meet him. I am hoping to come visit in May so that should be just perfect to get some snuggle time in!

Sarah Jayne said...

Audra, you look great! I'm counting the days until he arrives! I hope we can make it out there to see you guys when he comes. Good luck with those last few weeks!