Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Nuggets!

On Saturday, Jeff and I went to a Nuggets/Warriors game with some friends in our ward. They had free tickets in the club seating area. We weren't super close, but since Jeff and I are used to sitting in the nose bleed section of any sports game we go to, this was quite a treat. We even had a waiter come and take our order of whatever food we wanted. I'm even proud to say that I ate an entire bag of cotton candy that night by myself. I don't think too many people can stand to do that, but I love my sugar! However, the best part was that the Nuggets won, so we had a pleasant ride home! We are so spoiled to live with Jeff's parents, who are always so willing to babysit for us so we can have an evening out. Thanks a ton! We love you!


Ryan said...

Teri and I saw the Nugs get crushed by the Rockets a few weeks ago. The highlight of the night was when they played a Mutombo highlight reel at the beginning, followed by a standing ovations for the 50-year-old. Unfortunately, there was no wagging of his foot-long finger.

Sarah Jayne said...

For cute! I'll bet the ride home would have been much different had they lost...I know how much Jeffrey lets his emotions be run by games! LOL. I remember many a Sunday afternoon when Jeffrey retired to his bedroom promptly following a Broncos game only to emerge the next morning...(I'll bet that's hardly changed :) )