Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hell Week

Have you ever watched that show that documents the Navy SEAL training, and they have a week they call "hell week"? Well we had our own mini version of that this last week. I had two big exams and a presentation in another class, and the less than extraordinary election day to top it off. This meant that I wouldn't be home as much due to study and review, while Audra was to be home with a fussy baby that has recently taken to hating nap time. I think we were both at wit's end come Saturday. But, we made it through unscathed and are anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving break.

On a more positive note, we've amassed some great pictures of the little Eva over the last month or so. Please enjoy free of charge.

These next few shots were taken by my sister, Sarah, who has become quite the photographess. I call these the "glamour shots" (be sure to look at both links, each word "glamour" and "shots" is a separate link).

These next few are from Halloween. As you can see she was a bumble bee (amongst other things). I've never seen a cuter bee.

These are just a few random shots.


Sarah Jayne said...

What a beauty!!! I'm talking about the lady in the glamour shots...Eva is cute, too, though. She is getting so big! I love all those outfits...the best thing about having a baby!

Ryan said...

I'm sad to say Isabel does not have a broncos outfit. Although after today's performance against the Raiders, I considered waiting outside Invesco and kicking Shanny in the junk.

Jeff said...

Amen to that.