Monday, October 27, 2008

Hog Heaven...

That's right. After years of nagging, I finally got Audra to crack and let me buy a motorcycle. I'm sure gas prices, and the thought of being stuck at home all day every day with a crying baby helped.

I actually bought this fancy schmancy little Honda in Utah about a week before we moved out to Colorado. My brother Jake found it for me in St. George and hauled it up for me. When he pulled up and unloaded the bike, I was a bit overwhelmed and couldn't help but question what the heck I was doing. I had very little motorcycle riding experience, and the experience I did have included me laying the motorcycle down on a dirt road at about 50 mph. I slid on my stomach with my hands out in front of me and the bike on my legs for like 30 yards. As I lay there, some people in a campsite on the side of the road just looked at me. I'm sure they were laughing. I think I still have some gravel in the palms of my hands.

Anyway, back to my current situation. Thoughts of death and bloody hamburger people came to mind as I took it for my first spin. For some reason, this never bothered me before. But, after a couple months of riding to and from school every day in Fort Collins, I am now quite comfortable and my bike handles ever so smoothly. The only problem is that it's usually so darn cold in the morning, that I freeze my nuggets off. I can't afford the nice riding gear so I put like three pairs of jeans on and several coats and jackets. That only keeps the cold out for a few hundred yards.

All in all, I think the bike's been a good purchase. I pay about 6 bucks every two weeks for gas which is nice. I get 60 miles to the gallon on this hog. I've only almost died twice, once by a dumb school bus that decided to merge into my lane, but because of my cat-like reflexes I avoided disaster. Let's hope no one decides to run me over...knock on wood.


Paul said...

Sweet Ride. I am jealous.

Ryan said...

You could do better on the helmet. Maybe one of those black half-sphere German-style shells. So fresh.