Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just A Few Pics

So many people have been bothering us to put some more pics of the little lady Eva on the blog. So, here they are.

She's been smiling quite a bit lately. Unfortunately that usually means she's about to cry too.

This is her preferred sleeping position when she's not in her bed.

Just starting to find some things intriguing, like the little bubbles on this bouncer.

Dad with Eva in the Baby Bjorn. She didn't like it one bit. Maybe when she grows a little.

The classic puzzled look.

This is perhaps the greatest smile we've captured. Kudos to Audra for being ready.

A little tummy time.

More updates to follow.


severts5 said...

She is a really cute baby! How did you pull that one off Jeffrey? I'm digging the crazy-genius hair!!

Sarah Jayne said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to see you guys this week. Keep them pics comin'.

b.lowe said...


Camille said...

So blog really did get stalked by someone we aren’t comfortable with- and instead of going private, we are just changing some settings and our blog’s URL. Please switch it to: so you can still follow our blog!

Vanessa said...

I changed URL's finally!

if you can't view our blog since going private and you want to, email me at mamaquan at gmail dot com