Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're Lazy

Yes, folks, we know that it's been quite awhile since our last post, and actually quite a bit has happened in the lives of this little Green Family. I think that the most obvious detail would be that we no longer live in Utah. That's right, on August 19th we packed up and headed east to the most awesomest and bestest state in the union...Colorado.

We now are living with the Green folks for a time. I (Jeff) am attending Colorado State University in pursuit of a Master's program in the biomedical sciences. Audra will be tending to little Eva.

Utah was good to us. We both lived there for about 7 years, which was a little longer that I had planned. Usually people who go to school that long are called doctors, but oh well. I think we were ready to move on to something new, and there will definitely be things that we'll miss.

This was our humble house where we lived from day one. It sure is ugly, especially that missing piece of siding under the window.

Here is our rig all set up and ready to roll. The normally 7.5 hour drive was not fun at all, and we made it in about 11 hours. Eva was great until we got to Rock Springs, WY where she soon threw up and cried till she was blue in the face. I echo her sentiments about southern Wyoming.

After resisting driving off a cliff because of all the crying, we made it to beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. Dad's dog Spriggy immediately found a comfortable place to take a nap as soon as the truck was unloaded.

We'll be sure to keep the updates coming with many pictures of our little lady.


Sarah Jayne said...

We sure miss you guys...and I'm extremely jealous about your being in Colorado. What a perfect piece of the world. Good luck with school. I can't wait to kiss little Eva again soon!

Ryan said...

Welcome to the great state of Colorado! You're a wee tad too far north, though.