Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome to HOTlanta...

...and when I say hot I mean HOT! Audra and I took our biennial (every 2 years) to Atlanta last week. Of course they had to have the heat wave hit when we were there. Upper 90's mixed with humidity does not do a body good. Naturally the heat wave subsided the day we left.

Apparently I haven't been posting enough pictures on this thing so I've included quite a few this time; each of which will be presented with it's own little explanation below. Hurray!This here is known as "The Incline" found in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It's hard to tell by this picture but it is very steep and was once a primary form of transportation from town to the top of lookout mountain. This mountain played host to a famous Civil War battle called The Battle Above the Clouds. Of course we didn't ride the trolley because it was ridiculously expensive.

We spent a couple days up in Telico Plains, TN at Audra's grandpa's farm. Jason, Audra's brother came along to shoot some skeet. It's quite peaceful up there, especially with all of our gunfire. I couldn't miss.

This is quite possibly my most favorite picture of the whole trip. Verlin (grandpa) was out doing some chores and was kind enough to let Audra take a picture. He's quite a funny guy and is incredibly nice. Elaine (Verlin's wife) made us biscuits and gravy with bacon for breakfast. It was most triumphant.

Here we are with the grandparents on the farm. It is so remote and quiet up there, it was great. We also got to see their neighbors trying to get a chicken snake out of their car. Only in the south.

This was an amazing rib dinner at a little dumpy establishment called Fat Mac's BBQ. Ever so savory.

After dinner we attended a Braves game against the Phillies. I was secretly wanting the Phillies to win just because I hate Chipper Jones. I'm sure he's a great guy and all but his name makes him a weiner in my book.

Stephen, Audra's uncle was nice enough to let us stay with him and taxi us around to all the local spots. This is Raccoon Mountain Caverns, voted the 8th best cave in the country. Our tour guide was this know-it-all kid that specialized in cave formations as well as acupuncture, cephalopods (octopus), and balloon animals. I'd say he was quite the guy and has an amazing future ahead of him.

This is a real life covered bridge at Stone Mountain. Simply breathtaking.

Here we are on the top of Stone Mountain, which is a giant chunk of granite sticking out of the ground. It almost looks like a giant turtle shell, kind of like that one in Never Ending Story, but bigger...and made out of granite...and this one doesn't talk.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium right after we got off the plane. It was actually cooler than I thought it would be. They have whale sharks there. Hear that? Whale sharks. Whale sharks = pure awesomeness.

Since it was so blazing hot we went boating on Lake Allatoona. This was only my second time wake boarding, and I'd say I'm getting the hang of it. Poor little Audra couldn't do anything but watch and do a little swimming. She looks amazing for being 33 weeks along! I just hope that "inny" doesn't become an "outy". Gross.

Overall, it was a fun trip and we had a great time. Who knows how much traveling we'll be doing the next couple years.

Up next...our little lady!


severts5 said...

Who is the mountain man eating the rib dinner??!! I hope those ribs didn't belong to the know-it-all tour guide. You should have thrown him on top of a stalagMITE.

Green Montana said...

Hi guys, looks like a great trip to Georgia! I would LOVE to go to the south someday. Audra is quite possibly the cutest little pregnant lady on the planet.

Sarah Jayne said...

Cool dudes. Glad you had fun! Audra looks fab.

Mango said...

Audra I can't even believe how cute you are! I am not even that cute in a swimsuit and I am not pregnant! Hope all is well!
P.S. I met someone who knows you and granger rick- Cameron Meldron- he says hi! Small world huh?