Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tagged Again

Due to the overwhelming lack of response to my last post, I've decided to break my trend of one post per month and respond to Laura's photo tag. You're all in for a treat.

The name of the game is Google Tag. Therefore, only google images can be used. For all you kids trying this at home, be sure to put the safe search mode on or you'll run into all sorts of smut.

1. Concerts I've been to:

2. Name of past/present pet:

3. College Major:

4. First Job:

5. Nicknames I've had:

6. Favorite places:

(Above: Nice, France)

7. Favorite foods:

(Above: Grilled Salmon)

(Above: Beau Jo's Colorado Mountain Pies)
8. Places I want to visit:

9. Favorite things:

10. Age on my next birthday:

(This guy looks like Ryan Grange)


John and Laura Hall said...

I feel quite honored that you did the tag... and that you included Jarvis in your nicknames. I take full credit for that one. I loved it brother!

Ryan said...

I'm still trying to figure out what kinds of experiments you were doing to those sheep. Were you trying to milk them?

There's a good reason I look like that last guy...that's my granpappy, Red Grange.