Thursday, April 9, 2009

Class of 2013

That's right, folks. Despite all odds, my dream came true this morning when Barbara Swedensky of the University of Colorado School of Dentistry called me to inform me that I have been accepted to this fall's class! I'm still at a loss for words because it didn't seem possible this year.

I interviewed with them last September in the first wave of interviews and thought that I had a pretty good shot. However, nothing materialized and I kept getting passed over. I actually got an email from them earlier this week saying that their class had been filled and that I was put on the alternate list, in case someone decided to go elsewhere. So, I sent an email to Barbara yesterday asking her where I was on the waitlist, or if she could tell me how many people were on the list. She didn't respond, and called me with the good news this morning.

We're extremely excited that we get to move on and I now have a defined goal in sight. Thanks to Josh (brother) for helping me with the whole application process and introducing me to the folks at CU. Also, thanks to the many who fasted and prayed for me for this to happen. I love you guys.

I feel like I just won an award and gave my thankyou speech.


John and Laura Hall said...

Seriously the most EXCITING news I have heard in a really long time. I am so incredibly happy for you Jeff, and I have to say that I new good news was going to come your way soon. Congratulations!!!!!!! You absolutely deserve this, and I am proud of you. I love you! Cant wait to see you guys next week.

Kelsey and Andy said...

Congratulations- we are really happy for you guys- good luck!

b.lowe said...

WOOT! Cheers to you, my friend! We'll be dentists soon enough!

Jonathan said...

Congratulations to you, Jeffrey! You will now join the ranks of the Dr. Allan Pearls of the world.

"Brave making more wampum to buy pelts. One happy squaw in wigwam, happy as mongoose."

Cordell said...


- Katie (Dunkley) and Cordell

Mango said...

CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting! You earned it!