Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Navidad En La Playa

So, we spent our Christmas this year with the Green family in Rocky Point, Mexico. This was our third trip for the holidays south of the border in the last seven years, and it has become somewhat of a Green family tradition.

The sunsets were as pretty as ever, but the weather was quite frigid; yet still much warmer than Utah. Daily activities included shopping in the local market for "luchador" wrestling masks, fake Cuban cigars, and the most profane t-shirts you can imagine.

We also organized a service project for six families with the local branch president. We went shopping at the Super Ley and bought ingredients for the typical Mexican Christmas dinner and brought them to the families. They sure needed it too. I think we're all too often a bit quick to forget how good we have it here.

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Ryan said...

your christmas sounds super-cachilupi! What, you didn't pick up a marionette of a ninja turtle?

'member that time we went to mexico and ate those oysters that those mariachi guys were cooking by the rocks? And then jared made out with that chick que se parecio a un caballo? awesome.