Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ice Fishing at Strawberry

For most people ice fishing is not something they'd find too entertaining. The weather's always freezing cold, most of the other people out there are a bit on the blue collar side with Carhart coveralls and colorful language, and you're not even guaranteed to catch anything. In fact, Audra came with me one time and absolutely hated it. She sat in the car for most of the time, and now she swears to never come again. So why do I enjoy it so much? Who knows.

This last weekend Darryll, my father in law, and I headed up to Strawberry Reservoir and tried our luck. I guess you could say I'm not too different than the rest of the rednecks up there because I now have one of those little pop-up ice shacks to sit in while fishing. This was the inaugural run with the new shack and Darryll and I were both quite pleased with how warm we were.

We caught several nice fish and even got a couple pictures. As Darryll was trying to take a picture of one of my fish it flopped out of my hands and landed back in the hole where it quickly disappeared. That's no fish story either.


Kelsey and Andy said...

Nice fish- I'm with Audra though- You couldn't force me to ice fish.

Ryan said...

One time I caught a fish with a whole mouse in it's gut. Also my friend almost died that day.

Mama Q. said...

Well, well, well, look who I have found, thanks to Kelsey! Audra, it's great to see your face again and find out what you are up to these days. I can't believe the people that I'm getting back in touch with through facebook and blogger. It's crazy. You're pregnant, that's great! Congratulations, I'm very excited for y'all! Keep in touch. -Vanessa

Kelsey and Andy said...

Ok- so I am tagging Audra or Jeff if he wants- go to my blog and follow the intructions under the tagged thing. I am forcing you to post something new!