Saturday, October 20, 2007

San Fran & "The Rock"

Audra and I took a trip with her family to California in July. It was the first time we've all been together at the same time, and it was a lot of fun. My father in law, Darryll, is terribly competitive, so many things turn into little competitions. The game of choice while at the condo was to see who could hold their breath the longest in the pool while Audra had the exciting job of timing us. Darryll took second place with 2:18 falling short of yours truly at an astounding 2:40! Someday I'll break 3 minutes.

One of the trip highlights was our tour of Alacatraz. It was really cold and stormy, which seemed to add to the eerie atmosphere of the place. As you can see, I made myself quite at home in what I'd like to think was Al Capone's personal cell.

We also attempted a deep sea fishing trip with the whole fam. The swells were 20 feet and the boat was all over the place, leaving several of us on the verge of tossing our lunch. This was obviously Audra's favorite day of the trip.


Jonathan said...

I find that picture of you standing in front of the toilet revolting. This blog is completely in poor taste.

Once, on a sleepless night, I held my breath for three minutes.

severts5 said...

You look a little too comfortable in that cell, Verde. Did you spend a night in one after being mean to Terianne Slagle?

Jeff said...

Terianne and I were great friends.

Laura said...

you are funny jarvis