Saturday, October 27, 2007

3 Years Already?

Sheesh! Audra and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last weekend in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We really had our hopes set on spending a romantic weekend in Rawlins, WY but they were all booked out. Maybe next year.

The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us while we were there; it was butt cold and snowy the whole time. This did, however, make for some great scenery and pictures throughout Yellowstone and Teton National Park. We never did see the Grand Teton because it was behind the clouds the whole time, and the wildlife was as sparse as the hair on my chest (excluding my hairy nipples). Gross. Sorry.

I can't believe it's been three years already! Circumstances haven't changed much either. No kids, I'm still in school with no end in sight, still in Utah. But, life is good and we can't complain.


Spencer said...

Don't you know blogs are for girls, Jeff. I always assume that it's the woman of the family writing posts, so I was suprised when I got to the hairy nipple comment.

Mrs. Bush said...

I'm happy you guys went to Yellowstone. A bit jealous! Happy Anniversary!!

Jonathan said...

Yellowstone's way overrated. Next year, go to Jellystone. Keep an eye on your lunch though. You never know when it could end up the target of some scheming bear.