Monday, March 15, 2010


Here are just a few fun pictures of our day at the Museum of Nature and Science. It's a huge museum with lots to see and do. We didn't get to all of it, but here is a touch of what we did see. Next time we'll have to hit up the other half. Eva particularly like this man that was carrying a foam dinasaur on his back. Pretty cool.

Digging up fossils


Sarah Jayne said...

She is so cute!! I can't believe she'll be two in July..I know it's still a few months away but, wow! Miss y'all. Hope you'll come run with me!!

Gina F said...

Great Pictures!! It looks like your little one had a great time. She is so precious and a beauitful little girl.


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هم وطن said...

she is so cute ! Kiss